Winter is now upon us – what better to do on a Monday evening than sit back in front of your laptop, tablet or even phone and look at some great art?

In addition there will be occasional in-person talks, Zoom talks at other times for other people, and, before long, a new set of tours: keep watching the diary!

Talks and tours…

The online talks continue, and I will carry on using Zoom. For all sorts of reasons I do not record my talks (I’m keeping this paragraph in because people keep asking!) I like them to be spontaneous, and ‘in the moment’ – which recording doesn’t favour: please accept my apologies if you are not available. Below you will find links to Tixoom, who deal with all the ticketing. They will email you straight away – so if you don’t hear from them, you should let them know. This email includes the link for the talk itself. You will also receive a receipt from Stripe, who deal with the money. This sounds obvious, but if you don’t get the email with the ticket it is so much easier for me if you contact me more than 5 minutes before the talk is due to start – thank you! However, I will check my emails until at least 10 minutes beforehand if you do have problems…

For Advent I would like to spend some time thinking about some of the art which has been created to communicate the Christmas story in a series entitled The Childhood of Christ in Art. On each of the four Mondays in Advent I will cover a different chapter of the story, looking at a selection of beautiful works from the Wallace collection, including many which rarely get the attention they deserve. These paintings and sculptures will be supplemented by other, more celebrated images as appropriate, so, as well as preparing us for Christmas, the talks will also help to enhance our knowledge of what is undoubtedly a superb collection.

We will start, as all good Nativity plays do, with the Annunciation, and continue until Jesus’s first biblical miracle during the Wedding at Cana. The last of these might not seem especially ‘Christmassy’, but – well, come to the talk and find out what the connection is! As ever, click on the following blue links for more information, and to book:

Monday 28 November, 6pm
1. Until the Nativity

Monday 5 December, 6pm
2. From Shepherds to Kings

Monday 12 December, 6pm
3. From Epiphany…

Monday 19 December, 6pm
4. …to Epiphanies

Added Extra!

On Wednesday 14 December, at 6pm I will be giving an extra, online talk – Sofonisba in Denmark – to report back from my visit to Copenhagen and the nearby town of Nivå to see the exhibition Sofonisba – History’s Forgotten Miracle. This might encourage you to go, or at least let you know what was there!

From 1 – 4 December, 2022, I will be heading off to Lille with Art History Abroad. It has a remarkable collection of art, which some say is the best in France outside of Paris. This will be the focus of a long weekend looking at the best of the town, and we will also take a look at other treasures nearby.

Art History Abroad’s adult group, Artemisia, have now announced their courses for the first half of 2023, including a visit I will be making in March to the Vermeer exhibition in Amsterdam. I will also be giving in person talks for them about the Royal Academy’s exhibition Spain and the Spanish World (probably on January 24th), and Donatello at the V&A (date to be decided). I will also deliver these talks – or equivalent – online.

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