Here is the diary for everything I have planned over the next few months, whether live or online. I add things in as they become fixed so… watch this space!

Talks and tours…

My regular Monday talks will be (with one exception!) introductions to current exhibitions, and should each last around 75 minutes (I’ve finally bowed to pressure – from myself – to own up to the fact that I have no discipline and just like to talk about art). I’m not telling myself this though, and will carry on pretending that they are only an hour long. Here are some links for more information, and to book, followed by some useful information… and after that you can find the dates for bookings I have with other groups.

Monday 22 May at 6.00pm:
Carpaccio: Paintings and Drawings – looking at the current exhibition at the Doge’s Palace in Venice (until 18 June), and including the paintings by the Renaissance master which can always be seen in La Serenissima.

Monday 29 May at 6.00pm:
Lavinia Fontana – an introduction to the National Gallery of Ireland’s superb exhibition, a fitting tribute to a figure who should be better known: Italy’s first professional female artist, whose career was an inspiration for Artemisia Gentileschi.

Monday 5 June at 6.00pm:
The ‘Other’ Vermeers
The day after the Rijksmuseum’s sold-out show closes I want to talk in-depth about the nine paintings which were not included in the exhibition, putting them in the context of their time and of the artist’s work. The reasons for doing this? Having a look at what visitors to Amsterdam missed, and the simple joy of looking at the paintings of one of the greatest of the Old Masters.

There are more dates below, but just so you know: the blue links above will give you more information about the individual talks – and here’s some general information that you might find useful. For all sorts of reasons I do not record my talks (I’m keeping this paragraph in because people keep asking!) I like them to be spontaneous, and ‘in the moment’ – which recording doesn’t favour: please accept my apologies if you are not available. Booking is done by Tixoom, via the blue links. They deal with all the ticketing, and will email you straight away – so if you don’t hear from them, you should let them know. The email they sends includes the link for the talk itself. You will also receive a receipt from Stripe, who deal with the money. This sounds obvious, but if you don’t get the email with the ticket it is so much easier for me if you contact me more than 5 minutes before the talk is due to start – thank you! However, I will check my emails until at least 10 minutes beforehand if you do have problems…

I will also be working with Art History Abroad’s adult group, Artemisia. They have now announced most of their courses for 2023, and more will be announced soon. These include a trip I will be taking to Glasgow 17-21 September, and later, in December, to Hamburg (dates to be confirmed). I will also be giving in-person talks for them about The Rossettis at Tate Britain on 18 May and Frans Hals at the National Gallery on 15 November. But don’t worry if you’re not free, or not in reach of London: I will also deliver these talks – or equivalents – online.

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