After lockdown events are starting to take place – but everything is still subject to change. This is as ‘up to date’ as I can make it!

coming soon…

Next week! Or this! A Flash Trip to Stockholm! As Sweden is one of the very few places we can still travel to without quarantining on arrival or on return, we are heading there soon! If you are free, and willing, do come along: 2-5 November: A Flash Trip to Stockholm, with Art History Abroad

If you missed my short course inspired by the National Gallery’s wide-ranging exhibition Sin: The Art of Transgression I will be mixing it up, cutting it down, and presenting the highlights for a live and online Zoom lecture for Art History Abroad. This will be on Wednesday 2 December at 5.45 for 6pm, and as soon as there is a direct link to the bookings page, I will post it here!

What better time than the beginning of Advent to talk about the Childhood of Christ? I am in the process of planning a short course with the Wallace Collection which will probably take place on 2 and 3 December, and I’ll post a link here as soon as it has been arranged!

I will be lead tutor on the National Gallery’s Stories of Art: Module 3, covering the art of the 16th Century. This will take place online on Wednesdays from 17:30-19:30 for six weeks starting from Wednesday 6 January 2021 – and again, I’ll post a link here as soon as I have one!

I was in Brussels when we started to hear about a new thing called ‘lockdown’, and it dawned on us that we might not get to Rome to see the Raphael exhibition. Nevertheless, we have moved the visit to next February, as there is still plenty of Raphael to see in the Eternal City: 24-28 February: The Art and Architecture of Raphael in Rome, with Art History Abroad

As things stand, a trip to Stockholm next May seems more than likely. We were due to go last June, but we were in lockdown. The Swedes never were. Everything is planned, we just have to be sure that it will be safe to go ahead: 20-23 May: Stockholm, with Art History Abroad

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