There seems to be a heat wave upon us – and if you are not heading off to cooler climes, you might want to retreat to a shaded room of a Monday evening – so I’m still planning online talks for those who are happy to wait indoors! Before long I hope to be able to let you know about in-person talks as well, and trips for next year – particularly as this year’s are full, as far as I know! However, you can always check… It’ll be lovely to have you onboard, one way or another!

Talks and tours…

The online talks continue, and I will carry on using Zoom. For all sorts of reasons I do not record my talks (I’m keeping this paragraph in because people keep asking!) I like them to be reasonably spontaneous, and ‘in the moment’ – which recording doesn’t favour: please accept my apologies if you are not available. Below you will find links to Tixoom, who deal with all the ticketing. They will email you straight away – so if you don’t hear from them, you should let them know. This email includes the link for the talk itself. You will also receive a receipt from Stripe, who deal with the money. This sounds obvious, but if you don’t get the email with the ticket it is so much easier for me if you contact me more than 5 minutes before the talk is due to start – thank you! However, I will check my emails until at least 10 minutes beforehand if you do have problems…

I am getting toward the end of a ‘scattered’ series, Looking in Different Ways, which, although not fully planned, will probably conclude at the end of August. Admittedly the subjects have precious little in common, apart from the fact that they are things that I have seen recently – scattered across the country – and all of which involve looking at the world – or at art itself – in different ways.

On Monday 22 August at 6pm, I will give an introduction to the work of one of Britain’s greatest sculptors, to provide a background to the stunning exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in a talk entitled Negative Spaces 3: Barbara Hepworth. The following week I will get back to Dulwich Picture Gallery’s exhibition, Reframed: The Woman in the Window on Monday 29 August at 6pm to cover the works I didn’t get to the first time round. As a sequel to something some of you might have missed, I have reduced the price for Women Looking 2… Both of these are on sale, and you can book tickets, and find more information about each talk, via the blue links above.

After this, I confess I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, as my September is somewhat ‘up in the air’ – but I should have decided within the next week or so!

I will, however, be giving some ‘in person’ talks for Art History Abroad, at the National Gallery. The first of these, on Friday 23 September introduces the exhibition Winslow Homer: Force of Nature, while the second, on Thursday 20 October, will see me talking about Lucien Freud. You can book for these on the AHA website via the blue links – and please mention my name if you do! You will also find options to join us for coffee beforehand, and/or lunch afterwards. Do come and say hello! And don’t worry if you can’t make it: I will repeat (or pre-empt) these talks online at around the same time.

Sadly I can no longer join AHA in Porto and the Douro Valley but will still be heading off, from 1 – 4 December, 2022, to Lille, with its remarkable collection, which some say is the best in France outside of Paris. We’re currently planning trips for 2023, and I will let you know more as soon as they have been finalised.

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