Day 64 – Ascension

Pietro Perugino, The Ascension of Christ, 1495-98, Musée des beaux-arts, Lyon. Today is the Feast of the Ascension, forty days after Easter, when Jesus went up into Heaven – Jesus himself makes three references to it, before it has happened, in the Gospel of St John, and it is described in both the Gospel of St LukeContinue reading “Day 64 – Ascension”

Day 61 – …the Virgin and Child

Sir Peter Lely, …the Virgin and Child, 1664, National Portrait Gallery, London. Last Monday we looked at Sir Anthony van Dyck’s Cupid and Psyche painted for Charles I (Picture Of The Day 54), which I suggested was quite possibly more than a little sacrilegious from a Catholic point of view. My precise words were ‘It’s entirely outrageous’.Continue reading “Day 61 – …the Virgin and Child”

Day 60 – Psyche VI: ‘Resolution?’

Workshop of Raphael, The Story of Psyche, 1518-19, Villa Farnesina, Rome. I had no idea this rom-com would involve so many episodes! But it is a great story, with some lovely paintings associated with it. And even if Apuleius didn’t tell it exactly as I am – well, my version seems to match the paintings… ThisContinue reading “Day 60 – Psyche VI: ‘Resolution?’”

Day 59 – Virtues vs Vices

Giotto, The Cardinal Virtues, and opposing Vices, c. 1305, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua. We have spent the last two Saturdays looking at the Theological Virtues, and their opposing Vices (Picture Of The Day 45 & 52)– and this week we will put together the remaining imagery along the lowest level of the Scrovegni Chapel. All eight ofContinue reading “Day 59 – Virtues vs Vices”

Day 58 – Ottobeuren Abbey

Johann Michael Fischer, Ottobeuren Abbey, 1737-1766, Bavaria, Germany. Frescoes: J.J. and F.A. Zeiller; Stucco: J.M. Feichtmayr. Today’s picture is a building! Or rather, the decoration of a building. I’ve named Fischer as the architect, although, to be honest, so many people were involved that it is hard to know who did what – but Fischer isContinue reading “Day 58 – Ottobeuren Abbey”

Day 57 – Tobias revisited

Gian Antonio Guardi, The Story of Tobias, c. 1750, Arcangelo Raffaele, Venice. I’ve told you the story of Tobias and the Angel before (Picture Of The Day  4 – you can probably find it under ‘Angels’ at the bottom of this post), so if you’d like to refresh your memory, do have a look there. At theContinue reading “Day 57 – Tobias revisited”

Day 56 – Apollo and Daphne

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Apollo and Daphne, 1622-25, Museo Borghese, Rome. This truly is one of the marvels of marble carving – nothing can rival the delicacy of the leaves rustling in the breeze, the firmness of the roots thrusting into the ground, or the varied textures of tree and tresses – nor is there anything to matchContinue reading “Day 56 – Apollo and Daphne”